Mission Statement:
To reach the highest standards of production in manufacturing Surgical , Dental, Veterinary, Beauty Instruments, Knives ad Swords.

To attain optimum level of efficiency in operations.

To grow into multinational either through development of own resources or with foreign collaboration
Brief History of Business & Company Information:

Shadkam Enterprises has emerged as an independent industrial unit from a group of family business enterprise founded by Sheikh Mohd Arshad Shad. 
The firm is partnership concern inherited and managed by:

A. Mr. Mohammad ARSHAD Sheikh      ( Chief Executive )
B. Mr. ARSLAN Arshad Sheikh              ( Director Import & Export )
C. Mr. FAIZAN Arshad Sheikh                ( Director Import )
D. Mr. MAZHAR Iqbal                             ( Production Incharge )

Shadkam Enterprises has achieved remarkable success in a many years of its independent existence. Most credit for this goes to Mr. ARSHAD Sheikh, who is continuously providing technical and administrative guidance to his sons. However other partners are also employing their best abilities and putting in hard work in managing affairs of the company.

The firm own two fully mechanized manufacturing units managed by highly skilled craftsmen and technicians

Philosophy of Doing Business:

We believe that the best business is that where profit is on both side.

Why You Should Do Business With ShadkamEnterprises:

There are three factors that determine the performance of a business:

1.    Quality of products.
2.    Fair price.
3.    Timely deliveries.

We strictly comply with these requirements. Quality control is rigorously enforced at every stage of manufacturing, final inspection and even on standard of packing. Prices are calculated realistically and commensurate with quality standards. We so not compromise on prices at the cost of quality. We religiously adhere to performance of our commitment of deliveries. And factors that could put us off balance are predetermined to forestall any delays. A time margin even for unforeseen circumstances is accounted for before committing a delivery date.

Product Line / Description:

Main line of business of the firm is the manufacturing and exporting of Quality Scissors and Knives of all sorts. The range comprise various types and styles of

a.  Surgical Instruments
b.  Dental Instruments
c.  Veterinary Instruments
d.  Manicure & Hair Care
e.  Stainless Steel Scissors
f.   Manual Hair Clippers
g.  Stainless Steel blade knives & Swords

And so many other handle type varieties with leather sheaths. All these products are produced in special grade stainless steel

Special Features:

Products are finished in Mattel or mirror polish. More expensive items are partly of fully gold plated. Fancy beauty swords in configurate gold, silver, nickel, black, chrome black handle are our specialties. We have highly tempering and hardening the hardness could be 50 – 57 as per customers' requirement.

Annual Production Capacity:

Annual output of the factory is 1 million articles of all sorts. The estimate is based on shift working.


We have customer in three continents:


Ordinary Information / Terms & Conditions:

No specific terms and conditions except that we work either on letter of credit or cash against documents and advance payment.

ISO 9000 Certification:

The firm is ISO 9000 : 9001 Certified and CE Mark

Child Labor:

The management is strictly following the policy of not employing child labor in keeping with moral & international laws.


We welcome any kind of new design of Swords, Daggers or Pocket Knives by any customer around the globe

Worthy clients are informed that those instruments, which are not listed in our web site can be had from us on master samples, graphics
specification or reference from any foreign catalogue.

The company is bound to replace any defected or substandard instruments.

Company will provide absolutely comprehensive service to its valuable customers

We are just at the distance of an Call or Email

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